11+ One-to-One Tuition

Personal tuition for an individual, tailored learning approach.

Through our 1:1 Tuition, we are able to personalise the learning schedule to fit the needs of your child. This works really well when there are gaps in understanding and areas that can be honed in on. This approach enables us to review exactly where your child is in their development, and which areas of English, Maths or Verbal Reasoning (VR) that they might need support with to be best prepared for 11+ Test success.


Our academic experience means that you can be sure that your child is receiving the best possible support to achieve great results! With our help, you will begin to see changes in your child’s school work, and even their wider approach to school and learning.


So if you are based in either Bournemouth or Poole, and feel that you would benefit from talking to someone about your child's 11+ Test preparation, then please do get in touch, we'd love to help.

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