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We run a Winter, Spring and Summer & September Mock Test and Intensive Coaching Schedule every year.

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About Our 11+ Mocks & Intensive Coaching

11+ Mock Test

Our 11+ Mocks replicate the 11+ test morning itself, which offers your child a number of invaluable benefits. 

  • The experience will help ready your child for the rigours of the 11+ test

  • The test will help children know what to expect on the day, lowering their stress and anxiety

  • The results provide an accurate assessment and gauge where your child is in terms of their 11+ progress and achievement

  • The detailed mock test report gives valuable diagnostic assessment information on your child's 11+ strengths and, more importantly, the areas that require further work.

Once a mock test has been completed, we will mark your child's papers and collate their results. You will then receive our feedback in the form of a detailed summary report. This will include your child's scores, percentages, additional data and feedback on their areas for improvement.

11+ Intensive Coaching

Over the years, our 11+ Intensive Coaching has formed (particularly alongside our Mocks) an invaluable part of successful pupils’ 11+ preparation.


Our Intensive 11+ Coaching sessions give us the opportunity to really drill down into specific problematic and tricky 11+ areas.


Each of our 11+ Intensive Coaching Sessions follows on from and picks up on areas of improvement highlighted from our Mock Test in the same week (and areas which we know, from experience, that children always struggle with each year).


However, attendance at the preceding Mock is by no means essential. 

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Join our 11+ homework Sub-Club

Dive into the enriching world of our 11+ Homework Sub Club, designed to empower 11+ students with remote exploration and targeted practice of essential skills right from the comfort of their homes.

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