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Meet the team

With over a decade of invaluable teaching experience, the Kingsbury Education team are the 11+ Experts.

A little bit about us

Kingsbury Education was started with a simple aim of helping children and parents in Bournemouth and Poole to be as prepared as possible for the 11+ Grammar School Test. Our expert tuition services are built on an in-depth understanding of the rigours of the 11+ Test, along with years of proven teaching experience in both leading state and independent schools.


Kingsbury Education are proud to be the local 11+ Experts! We are proud of being recommended by hundreds of parents, and proud to take on the responsibility of helping children do their very best at crucial times during their education.

Peter Broadhead


Director and 11+ Tutor

Hi I'm Pete, and I run Kingsbury Education with my wife Franny.


Over the past decade I have gained invaluable qualifications and experience as a teacher, school leader and tutor. Having tutored both locally, nationally and across Europe, I am proud to have an in-depth and up-to-date knowledge of 'all things education'.


I am passionate about working with children and am extremely enthusiastic about ensuring that each and every child that we tutor at Kingsbury Education gets the best 11+ Test preparation possible.


Francesca Broadhead
11+ Tutor

Hello, I'm Franny. Pete and I make a great team! We teach together, parent together and eat, sleep, repeat, all things 11+ here in Poole and Bournemouth.

My background is in Montessori education, and I am not only an experienced teacher, but a Mum too. I have a keen interest in child development and will always encourage a growth mindset; our brains get stronger when they face challenges! Pete and I work hard to create a positive environment for your child to learn in, not just by helping our students to build the skills they need for their 11+ test but also by helping them form great learning habits too. Working towards a goal is a wonderful life lesson! 

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