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Deep-Dive Remote 11+ Learning at Home

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Monthly Sub Club Subscription - £34.99 (rolling until your 11+ student sits their test)

Our exciting 11+ Homework Sub Club enables 11+ students to explore deeper and practise key 11+ skills remotely at home.


Each week, your subscription will include a teaching video, useful learning resources, a set of targeted 11+ questions to complete at home and answers to track progress and achievement, empowering students to self-assess areas of weakness. Consistent deep-dive engagement, even during school holidays, reinforces concepts and builds confidence!

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What to expect from your 11+ Homework Sub Club

Weekly Engaging Content

A teaching video, tailored to the week's focus, to ensure learning remains engaging and effective.

Resource Enrichment

Learning resources strengthen 11+ skills & knowledge. Alongside the video, 11+ students will have access to useful resources that complement the week's topic.

Targeted Questions

To solidify learning, we provide a set of 11+ questions. Students can then apply their learning, reinforcing their understanding and proficiency.

Self-assessment Answers

Providing answers enables students and parents to self-assess progress and understand strengths and areas of improvement.

Benefits of the 11+ Homework Sub Club

Consistent Progress

By offering structured content every week, we ensure that learning is continuous, enabling steady progress over time.

Flexible Learning

With the convenience of receiving materials at home, students can tailor their learning to suit their schedule, enabling them to balance their commitments effectively.

Empowered Preparation
The Sub Club is designed to equip students with the tools they need to excel. Through regular practice and exposure to quality resources, they gain confidence and mastery over the material.

Perfect Practice

The teaching videos and resources demonstrate to students and parents exactly how to tackle each 11+ question type using the most efficient and effective method.

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