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Our learning pack are full of all the essential things your child will need for our Tuition Hubs, that you can then use for all your 11+ practice at home! We have designed the packs to last for the whole year and a handy Kingsbury keyring has been added so they can have their name on their pack too. 
The pack includes -  pencils, an eraser/sharpener, whiteboard pens, a whiteboard eraser, a custom A4 whiteboard with the alphabet on it and a Kingsbury Education X Pukka Pads Vocab Book. 
Using whiteboards to do working out, not only cuts down on paper use, but repeating written methods, especially for Maths and Verbal Reasoning problems, promotes active learning. 
Because the children will each have their own pack, it ensures COVID-safe practice and being responsible for their own resources will help children arrive for lessons ready to learn.

Kingsbury Education Essential Learning Pack

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